Hello All!

I can’t believe we’re already into December! This month especially is going to be about re-prioritizing self-care, relaxing and doing inner work, and finding ways to bring in more joy!

This year my practice grew to include new offerings and expansion in the virtual space and connecting with people all over the world. For many of my clients, the past year included common themes of how to better handle COVID anxiety & stress and changing habits and behaviors (hair pulling, picking, phobias and public speaking- all P’s). People were working on themselves!

And so was I…I improved my fitness with Peloton, traveled to Mexico, learned how to do sound healing, rediscovered karaoke and explored breathwork…and that’s just off the top of my head, and some of the goodness of 2021.

I am so glad to be able to deepen my connection with all of you and continue participating in activities that bring me joy with my amazing and supportive partner and our family and friends.

So as we head into the holiday season and into 2022 I wish you all health, joy, clarity and connection.

Yours in healing,


Thursdays at 1pm – Guided Visualization at Unplug Meditation in Santa Monica, a different theme each week. Hybrid class – drop in online or in-person. RSVP here or let me know when you want to attend- I’ll send you a free link!

Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday – BDSMeditation Journey – A guided meditation for the LGBTQ+, kink and sex positive community. RSVP here.

January 15th – Ranch Reboot – A daytime health and wellness retreat at an urban ranch filled with embodied practices designed to help you restart your year with intention. I’m joining four amazing healers, coaches and therapists, and leading a workshop on SMART Goals and intention setting. EARLY BIRD TIX are here.

January 22nd – ONLINE Conscious Cannabis Circle – This is a gentle yet profound introduction to journeywork with plant medicine, working with cannabis sativa. What’s nice about this online format is the ability to do intentional journeywork with community in a safe container. Groups are kept small an intimate. Online via Zoom. Space is limited so be sure to RSVP early if you want to join. RSVP here.


Private 1:1 Cannabis Assisted Journeywork

Cannabis is a safe, legal and accessible plant medicine which allows for a profound yet gentle experience to open the heart and release stored trauma. For anyone curious about the path of Psychedelic Therapy solo journeywork with cannabis is a great way to jump in.

Individual 3-5 hour retreats are available for those who want to work deeply with intention. I will guide you through the process of preparing and setting intentions, to navigating the inner space, and integration of the new understandings that arise. The individual nature of this format allows for deeper trauma work and assists with physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Private journeywork can be used regularly or as needed, virtually or in-person, and are also available weeknights and weekends.

I still have availability through December and books are open for January for solo journeywork. This is still in beta mode, so it’s a good time to try this amazing plant medicine at this low rate.

Reiki & Sound Healing – Holiday Sale

I’m offering a discounted rate for reiki and sound healing for the rest of the year (50% off the regular rate of $125 for 60 minutes.

Email me at jordanwolancht@gmail.com for more information.