Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy (CAPT)

I felt very safe during the session. She was very open to answer any questions and provided me with everything I needed to know to have a good session. The initial phone conversations before the session helped me feel like she knew what she was doing and I could let go and allow the experience to happen.

I had a very profound experience and I believe it really helped me overcome my PTSD that I’ve been crippled with for at least the past three years. I feel like my nervous system has been rewired. It’s been a few weeks since the session and I wondered if the good effects would wear off. No! I still feel great. Jordan is an angel who came to the rescue. I am a true believer in this work. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


I was reintroduced to my most authentic self during this journey! And feelings of confidence, authenticity, and joy have stayed with me weeks after. I can’t imagine anyone other than Jordan to help facilitate my journey with her knowledge, kindness and clear communication. I felt safe and seen during the entire process and would recommend this work.


My Conscious Cannabis experience led by Jordan Wolan was an enlightening & expanding experience. Jordan was there every step of the way, from walking me through the ceremony in a planning meeting to re-integration several days after my experience. During my journey, accompanied by Jordan’s words of guidance and encouragement, I was able to explore my inner space. I confronted a childhood memory I had forgotten, that was helpful with current relationship problem solving with a family member. I also encountered what appeared to be a future version of myself, perhaps several years down the road into my transition. Being genderfluid nonbinary, it can be a challenge to know the path I want my transition to take, but being able to sit with a potential version of myself created a sense of calm & peace I haven’t yet felt in regards to my gender(s). That experience alone was worth the whole journey. If you haven’t had a Conscious Cannabis session I highly recommend you experience it for yourself.


I have tried other plant medicine ceremonies, but this was the most profound. Jordan did such an amazing job explaining how to set up and what to expect. The way she opened the session was great to get settled in for a wild ride, that literally changed how I see my life and existence. The music she chose was the icing on the cake that helped guide the journey. It brought up things to work on and showed me where I should be. A most amazing journey! Thank you Jordan!


Jordan Wolan guided me on a psychedelic cannabis journey, and it was deeply meaningful and healing for me. I have been on a journey with mental health for a long time and have explored various modalities. I believe psychedelic journeys are a very effective pathway toward healing, especially when taken in conjunction with an ongoing practice of building self-awareness, resilience, and emotional capacity. For many years I have been in talk therapy which has been helpful, but also has its limitations and at certain points left me feeling stuck. Therapy involving psychedelics has helped me move past that feeling of being stuck by allowing me to make new connections and moving some of the insights I’ve had from an intellectual place to a more embodied one. 

Jordan walked me through the process before the journey, letting me know what elements she already had in place while also allowing space for my questions and preferences. We discussed my intentions for the experience, what the actual process would look like, and what would be supportive to me regarding integration after the journey. 

During the journey Jordan created a peaceful and inviting environment, and incorporated ceremonial pieces, which I loved. Working toward mental wellness can feel clinical, and I was glad not to feel that with Jordan. We lit candles, burned palo santo, and called on spirits from all four directions. She provided delightful, ethereal music (and excellent sound quality), and I was brought easily into a meditative state by Jordan’s soothing voice and guidance. She was clear about me having the agency to make decisions that felt right for me, including how much THC to consume. Having that agency explicitly named is so helpful when many of us have been made to feel that we are not the experts of our own experience. 

During the journey, I had challenging thoughts and images come up, but I felt held and supported by Jordan the entire time. She guided me in a particular kind of breathwork, which helped me go deeper into the experience. At the end of the journey, she allowed me to share as much or as little as I liked and reminded me that we would have a follow-up phone call to process more. During that closing time and on our subsequent phone call, I felt safe to share with Jordan all of what came up for me during and after our journey. She held a gentle space for me to process, asked me clarifying and supportive questions, and shared resources for me to continue working on my own. 

I deeply appreciate Jordan’s care, guidance, and wisdom in this process. Her investment in the wellbeing of her clients is obvious, as is her excitement about helping them achieve clarity and awareness. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to expand their healing work into the psychedelic space, and I know I will return to Jordan for future journeys.