Sunday Soundbath at the Dungeon

October 16th, 6-7:30pm at Dungeon East in DTLA

When was the last time you felt totally calm, clear, and rested?

Whether you’re a dungeon regular or coming into the space for the first time, a dungeon soundbath is a way to rest, relax, and rejuvenate in a beloved community setting. In this soundbath, crystal bowls, gongs, drums, chimes, and tuning forks help slow the brainwaves and raise the frequency of the body and energetic field. If you struggle with relaxation and staying present, need to release stress, or are facing the burnout that is so pervasive, this soundbath is a rejuvenating reprieve.

This inclusive community soundbath is for queer, trans, and/or kinky folks and anyone else who needs to reset or recharge.

How should I prepare/what should I bring?

The dungeon is a very pretty dungeon but still a dungeon, so bring a yoga mat and blanket for the floor, with one pillow for under your head and another for under your knees to reduce pressure on your back. Wear comfortable clothing. An eye covering, journal and pen, water bottle, or small personal items like a crystal or tarot deck can all help you feel grounded in the space. We also serve 100% organic teas provided by Buddha Teas.

A light snack or meal and hydration beforehand can feel grounding, but you’ll be laying down for 60 minutes and might not want to get up to take a bathroom break. Plan to be transported elsewhere. It’s even common to fall asleep – the technical term for as soundbath is “a fancy nap.”

About Jordan

Jordan Wolan, C.Ht. is a Hypnotherapist, Sound Healing Facilitator, and Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy Guide in Los Angeles. She helps creatives and entrepreneurs clear roadblocks to success, so that they can feel more confident and empowered to transform their lives.

She originated the popular BDSMeditation Journey online during the pandemic. She works with the LGBTQ+, trans and non-binary, kink, sex positive, and adult industry communities as well as those in non-traditional relationships and sees clients virtually from around the world.

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Have you ever felt a connection to a certain time or place? Do you ever wonder who you may have been in another life?

Past life regression is a tool we can use in therapy to help us resolve experiences from the past and also open doors to deeper levels of the mind where we can make changes and find healing on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.

Past Life Regression is based on the theory of reincarnation, although you don’t have to believe in that in order to benefit from it. It is said that memories are stored from all past life experiences up until the present. The subconscious mind is not limited by boundaries of time and space and so can help us to access these altered spaces in order to make changes or take different actions in this lifetime.

Location: Yoga Bliss -6218 W Manchester Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Date and Time: Sunday, October 30th, 5-7pm

Bring: Wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga or exercise mat to lie down on, blanket, pillow, eye covering, water bottle, sacred object, journal, etc.

About the Presenter

Jordan Wolan is a Hypnotherapist in Los Angeles, helping creatives and entrepreneurs clear roadblocks to success, increase confidence, and find empowerment, joy and transformation through hypnotherapy, coaching, cannabis-assisted journeywork, sound healing and energy work. One of the first hypnosis classes she took was Past Life Regression and found it to be fascinating and life-changing. She soon learned how to lead these for others through her hypnotherapy training. She works with a diverse population of clients around the world. For more information visit