Hello All!

It’s my favorite time of year and also my birthday month.

If you are new to this community, welcome and thanks for taking the time to invite me into your Inbox. I hope you find support here along your path.

Here’s what’s happening in October…

Saturday, October 16th from 1-5pm PST – Online Conscious Cannabis Circle

This is my newest specialized group offering, and the third now I’ve done in the virtual space. Groups are small and intimate, and thanks to the amazing technology of Zoom, people can drop in from wherever they are! What’s nice about this format is the sense of community, and doing intentional journeywork with others in a safe container.

The addition of cannabis as a safe, legal and accessible plant medicine allows for the individual to have a profound yet gentle experience which is heart opening and energy activating, with so many healing benefits. I am so excited to be able to offer this new modality in a way that makes it cost-effective for anyone to participate. For anyone curious about the path of Psychedelic Therapy it’s a great way to jump in. More info at: CannabisJourneysLA.com

Cost: $100 per person

RSVP here: eventbrite.com/e/175972006007

About Cannabis Assisted Psychedelic Journeywork

Cannabis sativa is a safe and sacred tool which supports clients in turning inward, resolving tensions stored deep within the body, tracking inner sensations, and releasing traumas from the nervous system. Cannabis-assisted guiding is different than “getting high.” When used in an intentional therapeutic container this modality deepens the therapeutic process and makes somatic (body-centered) trauma work more efficient and more effective.

Benefits include:
Exploration of inner spaces

Clearing hard experiences from where they are stored in the body, to release past trauma

Creative problem solving for business or personal goals

Inspiration for new projects and directions

Celebration and rites of passage

Clearing, cultivating, letting go

Private 1:1 Journeywork

Individual 3-5 hour retreats are available for those who want to work deeply with intention. I will guide you through the process of preparing and setting intentions, to navigating the inner space, and then integrating the new understandings that arise. The individual nature of this format allows for deeper trauma work and assists with physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Private journeywork can be used regularly or as needed, virtually or in-person, and are also available weeknights and weekends.

Reiki Sessions – Special $75 for this month

Reiki is a safe healing technique that balances the body, mind and spirit, facilitating healing of the whole person. Reiki is a non-invasive therapy that gently balances life energies and brings health and well-being to the receiver.

Our negative beliefs, thoughts, past traumas, past experiences are deeply rooted in our subconscious mind causing blockages or depletion of energy, which shows up in physical symptoms. Reiki helps to release those blockages. Benefits include stress reduction and relaxation, which encourage the body’s natural healing abilities to help improve and maintain health.

For the month of October I will be offering Reiki sessions for a discounted rate of $75 for a 55 minute session. These are online and can include guided meditation/hypnosis.

For more information visit JordanWolan.com or schedule an info call with me at 310-422-5852. You can also book online at: calendly.com/jordanwolan

To help with accessibility of hypnotherapy and psychedelic therapy, I offer need-based sliding-scale for low income, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, vets, and students. Please inquire.

As always, wishing you peace, health and joy, and have a wonderful fall!