This time of year can be intense as stress levels increase. I am here to support you during this time as I walk my own talk and use all these modalities in my own life. I am so grateful for the support of my own wellness team and am so excited to share these modalities with you!⁠

Here are the services I’m offering for the rest of November and December. Please call or text to book if you want to get in before the end of the year:⁠


Powerful breakthrough sessions to clear subconscious roadblocks and get laser focused on your goals. Already in therapy? Hypnosis is a great adjunct to accelerate the healing process and make the changes you want to make in your life now!⁠

Cannabis Assisted Psychedelic Therapy

Transformational cannabis experiences for individuals, couples and small groups. Enjoy the powerful psychedelic benefits of this safe and legal plant medicine. New to cannabis or recreational user? I got you.⁠

Conscious Cannabis Circle on November 27th

Not ready for a personal deep dive yet? Join us for a monthly cannabis circle, a virtual journey held within an intentional community setting to support your path in healing and growth. Register by 11/22 to hold your spot.⁠


Need a break from the noise? Hello empaths, I see you… Energy healing can help relieve stress, provide profound relaxation and assist with healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.⁠

Sound Healing

A mini retreat and energetic attunement with crystal and Tibetan bowls, and guided meditation to help you relax, release stuck energy and gain clarity. ⁠

Please text or call to book: 310-422-5852 or and join my mailing list for upcoming events.