April is National Financial Capability Month…yes, it’s a thing.

It’s tax season and many people dread this time of year – as do I. It’s also a good time to take stock of your financial health. Where is your mindset around building wealth and financial freedom? Here are some books I’m recommending to my clients – Financial Feminist and We Should All Be Millionaires  – and they have podcasts!

I highly recommend these books because they do not enforce shame around money issues but also do a really great job of historical context and why minorities (namely women, but also POC, queers, etc.) tend to have less money in our American capitalistic society.

That being said, we all have money issues. I work with people to help them clean up their limiting beliefs around money and success. I cannot dismantle the patriarchy in a single session, but I CAN help you work through a roadblock and eventually we can all move forward together towards a better world.

I hope to see you soon!


April Flash Sale!

This month’s focus is Money. I want to help you talk about and get clear about your limiting money beliefs and help you be comfortable with welcoming prosperity into your life. This is a coaching session specifically about money and is offered virtually.

April Events

Sunday, April 16th – Sunday Sound Bath in Los Angeles at 6pm
Saturday, April 29th – Conscious Cannabis Circle in Los Angeles from 4pm-8:30pm. Advanced registration required.
Sound Bath at the Dungeon
Sunday, April 16th from 6-7:30pm
Join me for a restorative sound meditation with crystal and tibetan bowls, the gong, and other healing instruments to help calm the nervous system. This inclusive community sound bath is for queer and trans folks and anyone else who needs to reset or recharge. We are in downtown Los Angeles, and this event happens monthly!
$20 per person
Conscious Cannabis Circle
Saturday, April 29th from 4-8:30pm
Join a beautiful community of adventurers at Boheme Yoga for a transformative journey with cannabis and breathwork in downtown Los Angeles. Advanced registration is required and spaces are limited.
$150 per person
PROMO CODE: BOHEME25 for $25 off