Happy Summer! I hope that this season is finding you with more time to slow down and enjoy some relaxation and time off from work. For many of us we run our own businesses, but the more we can slow down the better we can function when we are back doing our thing.

With all the recent developments I hope you are finding positive ways to handle the emotional ups and downs of these times we live in. The more we can focus on small steps we can take and connect more with each other, that is how we will get through this. I hope you will reach out if you are in need of support, and I also will do my best to connect you and your loved ones with folks who can help.

Brand New Newsletter

I recently upgraded to a new newsletter platform that works better for me. If you haven’t already, please join my newsletter, as I will be phasing out this blog and it will be going into that. It goes out 1-2 times a month and I share upcoming events and specials. You may sign up through the link below.

I hope to get the chance to see you this summer! Check out what’s going on:

Reset & Recharge for the Week with Blue Mondays

Blue Mondays (Online) continues July 11th (check schedule). These are family friendly and you can join from home, streaming through YouTube. I don’t know if you saw me the first time I did one of these back in October, but I now have three mics and a mixer, and we’re streaming live from YouTube. Soon I’ll have some up on my channel so stay “tuned.”

Conscious Cannabis

Conscious Cannabis Circles are back, happening monthly. An additional journey (online) has just been scheduled for Sunday, July 10th from 6-9:30pm PST. If you missed the last one and wish to attend there are 2 spots left. Email me at jordanwolancht@gmail.com asap to fill out the waiver. No need if you are returning.

Booking now for July

In need of a breakthrough session, help with a goal, or extra self-care and support? You can book a private 1:1 with me today! Book Now