sound bath at the dungeon

Sunday Sound Bath at the Dungeon

June 25th
July 16th
August- Off
September 24th
October 29th
November 19th
December 10th

6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Dungeon East (address with RSVP)

Crystal and Tibetan bowls, gongs, chimes, and other healing instruments help slow the brainwaves and raise the frequency of the body’s energetic fields. If you struggle with relaxation or regular meditation, need to release stress, or are facing the burnout that is so pervasive, this sound bath is a rejuvenating reprieve.

And yes, this is the only sound bath taking place in a dungeon in the world.

Conscious Cannabis Circle

July 1st

5pm-9pm (Tent)

Moon Sanctuary

In this 4 hour group journey and mini retreat for the soul, you’ll learn how to use cannabis-assisted, body-focused mindfulness practices to support inner healing, creative problem solving, and personal growth.


We require everyone attending to be vaccinated and to have no symptoms of COVID; have not been recently diagnosed with COVID, or have had any or direct contact with someone who has recently had it. You will be refunded your ticket if you are sick and let us know prior to the event. Please do not come if you are feeling sick! Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with keeping our community safe.