Online Conscious Cannabis Circle

Saturday, January 22nd, 2022

Online Conscious Cannabis Circle is a mindfulness practice of journeying with community, with intentional mindset and setting for healing, creative problem solving, and transformation. We’ll begin by setting sacred space, setting intentions, and begin a progressive relaxation meditation followed by a journey through two sets of evocative music. Afterwards we’ll close the circle with light conversation and grounding.

Are you looking for…

  • deep relaxation and connection with your body
  • additional support to help release past difficult experiences
  • relieve stress and anxiety
  • reconnect with your creativity
  • gain clarity around your vision and purpose in life
  • personal growth and transformation
  • consciousness exploration and expansion


Saturday, January 22nd, 2022 from 1:30pm-5:30pm PST

This will be hosted through Zoom. This is a 21+ event. Bring your own cannabis, yoga mat, pillows, journal, sacred objects.

Imbibing cannabis is not required, please follow local laws for your state and city.

**All attendees must complete a Safety Assessment and Participation Agreement in advance, by 1/19/22 at the latest. If these forms are not completed you will not be permitted to attend. Access the forms at

About Your Guide

Jordan Wolan is a certified Hypnotherapist, Cannabis Assisted Psychedelic Therapy Guide and Reiki Master in Los Angeles. She assists her clients with personal and professional goal achievement, fears and phobias, creative blocks, changing habits, and healing from past experiences. Jordan is working toward her credentialing for Cannabis Assisted Psychedelic Therapist from Medicinal Mindfulness in Boulder, Colorado.

Email for more information.


New near new you right?! It’s not usually that easy. We often make expansive goals for ourselves at the start of a new year- these goals are often too broad and aren’t always sustainable over time. This event is designed to help bring you back to your body; a way to recharge and reboot your nervous system through classes, new skills, guidance, community, and relationship so that you can make attainable shifts for yourself during these strange and unusual times.

The event will feature some of LA’s top coaches, therapists, educators, and healers as they guide attendees through sound baths, animals assisted learning, reiki, tarot, breath work, mindfulness, yoga, intention setting, and more.

Online Drop In Guided Meditations & Sound Healing

Contact me for more information about these workshops.

Join us for a guided meditation, to discover inner resources for growth, transformation and self-care.

You will be guided through a different journey each time, to relax the body and calm the mind. Whether you are setting an intention, or just need to relax and let go, this is a safe space for exploration, healing and connection. We welcome folx of all gender identifications, sexualities, and other intersections.

What you will need:

  • A quiet secure space free from distraction
  • Comfortable place to sit or recline
  • Headphones a plus
  • Water
  • Journal to write/draw in, etc.

Hosted through Zoom.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Jordan Wolan fully complies with all local California State Cannabis laws and all federal regulations. We are a harm reduction, mindfulness service and education company. We do not promote illegal activities or provide resources for obtaining illegal substances or illegal psychedelic psychotherapy services. Mindfulness Based Psychedelic Therapy is not psychotherapy although it works well as an adjunct support.

Jordan Wolan does not provide or sell cannabis for any aspect of our program and  is not a retailer, supplier, reseller, distributor, agent, representative or subcontractor of any cannabis supplier or retailer.

As a psychedelic harm reduction program we do not support the misuse or abuse of Cannabis, any other drug or psychedelic medicine. Nor do we believe that Cannabis or psychedelic medicine exploration, even within the confines of applicable laws, is appropriate or beneficial for everyone.


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