Upcoming Events


1/22  Sunday Soundbath at the Dungeon – LADE Studio – 6pm-7:30pm – RSVP here


2/8  Healing Soundbath at 910 WeHo – 7-8:30 pm – RSVP here

2/15  Queer Past Life Journey – New Profanity – 7pm-9pm – Tix available soon

2/25 – Conscious Cannabis Circle – Downtown, Los Angeles – 7pm-11pm – RSVP here

2/26  Sunday Soundbath at the Dungeon – LADE Studio – 6pm-7:30pm – RSVP here

Conscious Cannabis Circle

February 25th, 2023
Los Angeles, CA – Address provided with RSVP
Advanced registration required. Space is limited.

In this 4-hour in-person group journey, you’ll learn how to use cannabis-assisted, body-focused mindfulness practices to support your healing, creative problem solving, and personal growth.

We begin with an introduction to the experience, a brief tutorial on mindful journeywork practices and intention setting. When we begin the circle, participants will imbibe cannabis with intention and then relax into a guided body scan and then enter into two music sets to evoke a deep internal experience for healing. The journey is followed by time to quietly write or share if you feel called.

This psychedelic cannabis event is appropriate both for those new to psychedelics and regular cannabis users and will surprise and delight more experienced psychonauts.

Who is this journey for?

  • Clear energetic and emotional blocks and difficult experiences of the past year
  • Reconnect with your purpose
  • Unlock creativity and problem solving
  • Ground and build resilience
  • Process big emotions such as grief, anger sadness, fear and shame
  • Relax and reconnect with your body
  • Connect with community
  • Explore and expand consciousness

    Advanced tickets required. Space is limited. *To participate, you must have a ride and be picked up after the event or use a rideshare service.

    $150 per person

    Sunday Soundbath at the Dungeon

    Multiple Dates:
    February 26th
    March 26th

    Time: 6pm-7:30pm
    Location: Dungeon East in Downtown Los Angeles, address provided with RSVP

    When was the last time you felt totally calm, clear, and rested?

    Whether you’re a dungeon regular or coming into the space for the first time, a dungeon soundbath is a way to rest, relax, and rejuvenate in a beloved community setting. In this soundbath, crystal bowls, gongs, drums, chimes, and tuning forks help slow the brainwaves and raise the frequency of the body and energetic field. If you struggle with relaxation and staying present, need to release stress, or are facing the burnout that is so pervasive, this soundbath is a rejuvenating reprieve.

    This inclusive community soundbath is for queer, trans, kink community and allies and anyone who needs to reset or recharge.

    Bring: something comfortable to lie down on such as yoga mat or pad, extra blankets, pillows, an eye covering, sacred objects, journal, water.

    Healing Soundbath at 910 WeHo

    Sound healing helps with stress and insomnia, lowers blood pressure and activates the body’s natural healing systems. The sound waves and frequencies of crystal bowls, chimes, gongs and other instruments allow the mind to slow down and enter a theta or dream state for deep healing and physical and emotional balance.

    We’ll begin at 7:00 pm with welcome and snacks and begin our journey promptly at 7:30pm so be sure to arrive early to chill and set up your space.

    Bring a yoga or exercise mat, blanket and pillow, and eye covering and whatever you need to feel comfortable.

    Queer Past Life Journey

    Have you ever felt a strong connection to a certain place or time? Do you ever wonder who you or your loved ones may have been in another life? Past Life Regression is based on the theory of reincarnation, although anyone can benefit from it, whatever you believe. In this 2 hour experiential journey led by a hypnotherapist, you’ll be guided into a deep theta state where the subconscious mind is not limited by boundaries of time and space. You might experience yourself as a different gender or race, or the same but in a different metaverse…We can access these altered spaces in order to help us resolve experiences from the past, and bring resilience and healing on all levels so that we can make changes in this lifetime. Join us for a night of fun and inner exploration that will blow your mind!

    Bring a yoga or exercise mat, blanket and pillow, and eye covering and whatever you need to feel comfortable lying down.

    Live Q & A: Intro to Cannabis

    Date: TBA – Usually scheduled about a week before the next journey, or book a private with me.

    Location: Online through Zoom.

    If you are interested in exploring plant medicine to assist with healing, clear blocks, and enhance creativity I’d love to share this amazing work that is happening with cannabis.

    Please join me for a live Q & A to learn about Cannabis Assisted Psychedelic Therapy. This is also a free orientation for those attending the next Psychedelic Cannabis Circle.

    Age 21+.

    Contact Jordan at jordanwolancht@gmail.com