Jordan Wolan, C.Ht.

Confidential voicemail/text: 310-422-5852

Virtual sessions, based in Los Angeles, CA.

The first step is to schedule a Discovery Call, which is complimentary and runs 15 minutes.  You’ll have the opportunity to share your goals, concerns and needs and learn more about the services I provide.

Together we will determine the best way to help you reach your goals. Thank you for your time and interest in working with me. I look forward to supporting you along your healing path!

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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Jordan Wolan fully complies with all local and California State Cannabis laws and all federal regulations. We are a harm reduction, mindfulness service and education company. We do not promote illegal activities or provide resources for obtaining illegal substances or illegal psychedelic psychotherapy services. Mindfulness Based Psychedelic Therapy is not psychotherapy although it works well as an adjunct support.


Jordan Wolan does not provide or sell cannabis for any aspect of our program and it is not a retailer, supplier, reseller, distributor, agent, representative or subcontractor of any cannabis supplier or retailer.


As a psychedelic harm reduction program we do not support the misuse or abuse of Cannabis, any other drug or psychedelic medicine. Nor do we believe that Cannabis or psychedelic medicine exploration, even within the confines of applicable laws, is appropriate or beneficial for everyone.