Clear the way, cultivate the present, create the future.

You already know that you deserve to have the life of your dreams.

But sometimes we all need a little help connecting with who we are and what we want. Anxiety, overwhelm, fear, and distractions — conscious and subconscious negative beliefs about yourself and what was passed on to you — can all get between us and the positive changes we want to make in our lives, and keep us from fully being present.

As a certified professional hypnotherapist, I help those who are ready to overcome their blocks, discover the worlds they can create without them, and embrace their personal power – and who are tired of spending years stuck in their old patterns.

I work with a wide range of client’s goals, including performance enhancement (such as personal and professional goal achievement, public speaking), change-work (such as disordered eating, anger, phobias, pain, stress, smoking, PTSD and trauma), personal development (anxiety, confidence), and body-focused repetitive behaviors (nail-biting, hair-pulling).

Hypnotherapy with Jordan Wolan
  • Anxiety Relief

  • Public Speaking

  • Overcome Fear

  • Sleep Improvement

  • Confidence

  • Break Bad Habits

Other Services

Sound Healing

  • Sound Baths
  • Private Events
  • Wellness Retreats
  • Individuals

Psychedelic Therapy

  • Solo Journeys
  • Couples Journeys
  • Small Group Journeys
  • Breathwork & Cannabis
  • Conscious Cannabis Circles