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Meet Jordan Wolan

I’m a Certified Hypnotherapist and Sound Healing Facilitator based in Los Angeles for over 9 years.

My mission is to provide accessible and effective paths for individuals to explore inner spaces for personal growth, healing, and empowerment. I strive to create a supportive and nurturing environment where all can feel seen and heard.

I invite you to explore my services through this website and please reach out with any questions.

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Imagine if you could…

… tap into the power of the subconscious mind to break free from unwanted habits, release fear, and get out of your own way

… have more confidence, abundance, and ease

… make a greater impact in your life as a parent, friend, partner and leader

… learn how to navigate inner spaces with your own personal guide with full support, preparation, and integration

… connect with others in a vibrant community where you can be yourself and feel completely accepted

My Services


Hypnosis is a state of heightened receptivity, similar to a guided meditation, in which you are more open to suggestion. It’s a collaborative process between client and hypnotherapist for helping you rapidly change habits and rewire limiting beliefs.

Sound bath with Jordan Wolan


Sound healing is a deeply relaxing and restorative experience accompanied by the healing frequencies of crystal bowls, chimes, gongs, drums, and other instruments. Each session will leave you in a relaxed state of healing, rest, and deeper connection with self.

guided journeys with jordan


For those who are new to working with psychedelics and plant medicine for personal development and healing, I offer solo and small group intensives, working with cannabis sativa, a legal and accessible plant ally.

“I had struggled with severe anxiety around needles and blood since my childhood. Now that I need weekly injections, this anxiety began to impact my life on a regular basis. Even watching the medication be prepared put me in a state of panic. My wife suggested I try hypnotherapy to mitigate these symptoms.

Jordan was kind, welcoming, and genuine. Before my treatment, she spent time really getting to know me and the intricacies of my particular issue. It was very easy for me to relax in her office once the hypnotherapy began. Afterwards, I felt a little groggy, like waking up from a nap.

I had three sessions with Jordan over the course of three weeks. After my second session, my wife and I both noticed the effects of Jordan’s hypnotherapy. I’m now able to quickly enter a relaxed headspace when I’m receiving an injection or having my blood drawn.”


“Jordan is one of the most transformational people I have had the pleasure of coming into contact with. I came to hypnotherapy after more than almost 20 years and at least that many talk therapists, CBT specialists, EMDR experts, etc. couldn’t help me stop the main behavior holding me back since I was 11 years old (I am almost 30 now). After just a few sessions with Jordan I started seeing results in reduction of self-harm in the form of picking. We quickly moved past that blockage and have been working on my overall confidence, peace of mind, positivity, and ability to trust myself to really go after the things I want in life. Hypnotherapy feels a bit like someone casting a wonderful spell on you where you feel great and believe in yourself. 11/10! Especially for any long-term therapy clients who would like to try something new, perhaps dig one layer deeper into the subconscious to make the changes that are only possible there. My greatest thanks and hugest respect to Jordan.”


“I have tried other plant medicine ceremonies, but this was the most profound. Jordan did such an amazing job explaining how to set up and what to expect. The way she opened the session was great to get settled in for a wild ride, that literally changed how I see my life and existence. The music she chose was the icing on the cake that helped guide the journey. It brought up things to work on and showed me where I should be. A most amazing journey! Thank you Jordan!”


“Hypnotherapy helped me overcome my fear of allowing other people to dictate how I feel and regain my confidence to be the bold and powerful woman that I am. You too can be who you are destined to be. You just need to have Jordan crack the door open for you so you can walk out with infinite possibilities.”