Reiki means “universal life force energy” and is a safe, hands-on healing modality, which originated in Japan, and was brought here to the US in the 30’s. Reiki has shown results in assisting healing from many physical ailments as well as clearing emotional blockages. During and after a reiki session there is a profound sense of relaxation and peace of mind. Often what is most needed will come through for the client, with astonishing results. A subtle yet powerful modality, everyone experiences it differently, from pain relief to manifesting a desired outcome.

Besides fundamentally helping with relaxation, Reiki is also used to help with recovery after surgical procedures, and has been shown to assist with inflammation, migraines, injuries and more. Working with the energy flow through the body’s meridians helps to facilitate our natural healing process. Anyone can learn to use Reiki on themselves and others, including their pets. Reiki is unique in that it can be used from a distance as well.

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Certification Classes

Ezentials of Energy Healing: Intro to Reiki

Want to learn the basics of energy healing? Level one can be taken by anyone and provides the ablity to do a healing session for yourself and with others. Level two goes more in depth and helps with building on the skills you already have. Level 1, 2 and 3 Certifications are all available.

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“Jordan is truly gifted. I’ve had a reiki session with her that yielded amazing results. I could tell my energy cleared because I started manifesting like crazy. I’ve also started her hypnosis treatments and that’s been amazing as well.”


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